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2783 days 6 hrs 36 min Ago
Rating 3
72 review | Write a review
Exporter , Manufacturer ,Supplier of Chlorinated Paraffins and HCL and Importer of Normal Paraffins. Product Range : Chlorinated Paraffins 42% ,Chlorinated Paraffins 45% ,Chlorinated Paraffins 52% ,Chlorinated Paraffins 60% ,Chlorinated Paraffins 70% ,Hydrocloric Acids ,Normal Paraffins ,Heavy Normal Paraffins ,Light Normal Paraffins ,Expoxidized Soyabean Oil (ESBO) ,HDPE Granules ,PVC Resin View details >>

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Paras Dyes and Chemicals (51)
2783 days 6 hrs 21 min Ago
Rating 3
998 review | Write a review
The basic aim of the organization is to represent and market the products of a number of flagships domestic as well as international manufacturer. View details >>

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Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products P. Ltd. (124)
2496 days 20 hrs 44 min Ago
Rating 5
695 review | Write a review
At BKBPPL we believe that business is primarily about Human relationships. BKBPPL values providing holistic and value based products for better Skin care, Hair care, Individual wellness as well as enhancing the practice of Beauticians through development, production, promotion and sales of our unique range of Essential Oil based Aromatherapy products. View details >>

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Natural Cosmetics Suppliers, Delhi (125)
2496 days 20 hrs 36 min Ago
Rating 3
16 review | Write a review
We are wholesale suppliers and exporters of Natural Cosmetic Herbs from India. The gamut of our product is enriched with the unique formulations of herbs combining the aspirations of the great previous civilization with ultra modern technology. Carefully selected over years of search each ingredient in any of our product designed promises to give your hair, body & skin the natural touch along with a healthy body & balanced mind. Natural Cosmetics preparations are environment friendly and Biodegradable. We are a community of like-minded folks that share an interest in living in harmony with the environment. View details >>

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Sai Generator (283)
2232 days 3 hrs 26 min Ago
Rating 4
419 review | Write a review
k253sai generator has been successfully providing power to various industries for the past five decades. Not withstanding our high performance level in the market, we are constantly striving to upgrade our services and technology to meet the stringent demands of. We Provaided by all marine generator.The Company was incepted rightly since 45 years back with the the vision of periodical, sphereodical and radical changes and transformation in development of all the sectors from Industrial, Commercial and Social Aspect. We are into Industrial Generators. We are a leading Suppliers of Diesel Generator Set consisting of Generator Service Provider, Industrial & Residential Diesel Generator, Old Generator for Sale, Used Diesel Generator Sale. Email- saiengineering75@gmail.com mo.9879304079 View details >>

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